SaaS Tunnel

Meticulously crafted design to establish a unique brand identity.

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  • London, UK


  • SaaS, IT

Company size

  • 1 - 20 Employees


  • Time to completion: 3 months

Services we provided

  • Branding
  • Web Design

Tunnel is a real-time collaboration software that allows software teams to build, review and test web applications, APIs and much more, all from a local environment.

The challenge

We recently worked on a project for a platform that allows small and medium-sized businesses to manage their people, networks, devices, and applications all in one place. The platform aimed to provide a seamless user experience, enabling businesses to simplify their operations and save time. Our agency was tasked with conducting UX research, designing the user interface, and creating a design system to ensure consistency across all aspects of the platform.

The solution

The primary goal was to provide Tunnel with a unique brand identity, encompassing a logo, colour palette, and typography that helped to reflect the company’s values.


The identity of Tunnel was meticulously crafted to embody the company’s ethos and values. Our team developed a distinctive logo, chosen for its symbolic resonance with the brand’s name and purpose. This, combined with a carefully curated colour palette and typography, coalesced into a visual identity that encapsulates Tunnel’s unique characteristics. The resulting identity encapsulates the forward-thinking, dynamic nature of Tunnel, establishing a strong brand image that stands out in the market and resonates deeply with their target audience.

The predominant colours for Tunnel are shades of purple, imbuing the brand with a sense of innovation and creativity. This, coupled with an overall dark theme, lends the brand a sophisticated and modern aesthetic, aligning perfectly with Tunnel’s forward-thinking ethos.

Visual Design

The design of the website has been driven by a strong emphasis on quick and effective conversion. Key information and call-to-action elements have been strategically positioned, coupled with a straightforward navigation system, to guide visitors smoothly through their journey and encourage swift decision-making, thereby enhancing the potential for rapid conversion.

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