Agritech Farm21

Refreshed the brand identity and website for an AgriTech platform.

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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Agriculture Technology, SaaS

Company size

  • 10 - 50 Employees


  • 1.4 million funding raised to date
  • Scaled team from 6 to 25 employees

Services we provided

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • UX research
  • User interface design
  • Design system
  • Front-end development
  • CMS Development

Farm21 gives farmers access to more data than ever before, providing pinpoint-accurate insights that combines data from proprietary low-cost sensors, weather, scouting, and satellites. Helping farmers, crop advisors and agricultural researchers to increase yields, save resources, grow more sustainable or validate trials.

The challenge

As a seed-funded startup, Farm21 were looking to scale up their marketing efforts to acquire more customers. Fundamental areas needed looking at to help achieve an elevated brand image that appeals to farmers, crop advisors and numerous other customer segments. Communication regarding the platform, sensors and offering was lost, and it was challenging for customers to interpret the solution. Additionally, the prior branding and website didn’t position Farm21 as a leader in the space.

The solution

We took a holistic approach, starting from the brand identity and working outwards to the copywriting and website design. The engagement started with a brand strategy workshop where we solidified the founders’ thinking into a strategy with clear messaging, a place in the market, and defined customers. We spent time interviewing the team and then translating that into a conversion-led copy that clearly communicated Farm21s solution using benefits led language. Next up, we created a new website, starting with wireframes, then moving forwards to the visual design focused on converting more visitors to paid customers. Overall the new design was well-received by stakeholders and puts Farm21 in a strong position to achieve growth targets.

A full identity was established, covering multiple analogue and digital touchpoints where customers would come into contact with the brand.

Following the strategy, we established three creative routes for the brand, and with some refinement, we narrowed it down to a single option reflected in the brand today.

Custom icons

To ensure we had coherent visual language across icons, we created a set of icons for the website. All centered around farming, crops and related activities. We used a filled approach to depict key messaging visually.

Sharp messaging paired with earthy visuals

The visuals were tailored around the earthy feel of conveying fields where crops actively grow. We introduced a primary color of green which is predominant throughout the website and ties into the sustainability angle. Our copywriter wrote messaging to better convey the solution and value proposition to the market.

Visual designs

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