Deploy a fully remote world-class design team in < 24 hours.

Our senior talent is ready to work on your product and build momentum for success. Solace works as an extension of your internal team, being a full-cycle product team you can deploy for go-to-market, continued innovation and cut costs of resourcing in-house.

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Trusted by 30+ startup, corporate and government organisations.

Startups take 4-12 months to onboard a mature internal design/dev team.

With Solace you are up and running in a couple of hours.

Benefits of bringing in a mature, on-demand design team.

Faster time to results

There’s no delay to get started on your most important design projects as the Solace Digital team starts the minute your contract begins. Skip the delays associated with posting a role, recruiting, and onboarding. By deploying our team you reach product milestones quickly, innovate fast and ensure KPIs are met.

Power through your backlog

Your backlog becomes the project list for the Solace Digital Team, who will work to the hours and execute with a sustainable, yet aggressive cadence to eliminate the backlog.

Top 1% of design talent

One reason it’s hard to find the best design talent - they’re already working for Solace Digital! We bring in the best designers, developers and product managers in Europe to work on your product. Everyone on the Solace Digital Team is at the top of their craft, is proven on highly complex, demanding projects, and stay at the top of the industry through ongoing training.

100% production ready

All of our work is delivered in components that are fully ready for deployment without further refinement. We use design systems and engineering that scales on any level, on up to enterprise, even 25M+ users as is the case for several of our clients.

Fixed, cost-effective rate

Solace Digital is able to offer the top 1% of talent because of our business model with design-on-demand subscriptions. Our clients typically would not be able to find, let alone afford, the design talent we employ. Moreover, we are 100% transparent on cost and delivery - you always know what you will pay and what work will be delivered.

Direct integration with your team

Our team is your team in every aspect of how work gets done. We will use your internal communication software such as Slack, Zoom and Jira to ensure swift results. In addition, if requested, we will join your staff meetings and follow your protocol for project updates and reporting.

Your investment

Essential package

For startups with on-going design needs. One UI/UX designer at 70 hours per month complimented with a project manager

£6,000 /pm + VAT

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What’s included:
  • -  UI/UX Designer - 70 hours /month
  • -  Project manager
  • -  Web application design
  • -  Mobile application design

Need more resources for your project?

We can extend the team with developers, additional designers and more

Iterative product design process

Collaborate to define product roadmap and KPIs

At Solace, we believe that the product roadmap should be designed around intended business KPIs. This approach is aligned with the Product-Led-Growth (PLG) go-to-market strategy, and forces product planning to be anchored by capabilites that are most likely to drive customer conversion and subscription.

Define tickets, product backlog and user stories

As projects progress, the agile methodology used by Solace is optimized to make the best decisions and tradeoffs for every key milestone. The Solace team ensures there is a rigorous decision-making process at each milestone where tradeoffs or changes might be in scope, and always brings as much data to inform the decision as possible. This data includes user stories that would impact the potential future impact on revenue, tickets that may highlight a UI/UX issue or a misfiring feature that should be addressed, and backlog so that new development isn’t taking engineering capacity away from critical, previously planned updates.

Define committed sprint with designers

A guiding principle to the Solace development process is that small details really matter and should be addressed in a sprint plan with as much rigor as larger-scale aspects of a project. That’s why our designers, who play such a critical role, are hands-on in defining and agreeing every sprint to make sure the scope, time-line, and capabilities can be delivered at the highest standards and in the required timeframe.

Frequently asked questions

Solace has experience in a wide range of industries, from financial services to public sector, consumer (B2C), and so many more.  For every new client and project, the Solace team starts with a deep dive into the industry and client position to ensure every project will help advance the client’s leadership.  We do this regardless of whether we’ve worked in that industry before.  We encourage prospective clients to review our case studies to see the wide range of industries in which we’ve already delivered breakthrough results.  

Solace partners with organizations that span pre-series A to established brands, public service organizations, and everything in between.  The stage and scale of the client is less important to Solace than their requirements.  The ideal client is looking for design, creative, application, and content help that is tied to a growth strategy rather than needing iterative work in any one of these areas.  

We think there’s an easy answer to this common question.  If your needs are no more than a cosmetic overhaul of your website or the creation of simple content that doesn’t have a big role to play, you can do this work in-house or with a less sophisticated agency.  But, if your needs are for websites, applications, experiences, and innovative content that are tied to a growth strategy, then you need the expertise that Solace uniquely provides and we are your ideal partner.  The talent of our team in areas like UI/UX is incredibly rare and you could easily spend too much time trying to find, hire, and bring that in-house rather than rapidly progressing by partnering with Solace.

Many agencies are really good at creativity and design, while others focus on performance and measurement.  Solace is unique in focusing on both.  We’re able to do this because we have world-class talent in both areas, and our process for every client and every project begins and ends with performance and metrics.  The Solace team knows that a high-performing website, application, or content artifact requires so much more than just great visuals.