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The Solace Edge

We challenge assumptions

At Solace, the collective talent and energy of our team is a force multiplier. To solve any business challenge the team is the key ingredient to ensure a high-quality application is built. By bringing together the best talent in a culture where our team thrives, our clients all see the passion and impact in their digital products. From day #1 you get to work with the best in their craft, uniquely talented and committed to your project.

Our process is battle tested

After delivering numerous high-end experiences, collectively we’ve fine tuned our process over and over to ensure software is built on-time and to quality. Nothing is worse than a poor process and mediocre results. With Solace you get a framework for development set out where each stakeholder and team member plays their part in delivering outstanding software every time.

We move with speed and precision

Startups need to move fast with limited runways and investor pressures. Enterprises need to get ahead of the competition and innovate to grow market share. Using the Agile SCRUM methodology, we commit to sprints, deliver quickly and iterate fast. Moving at speed is essential when bringing new products to market and you can rely on us to meet deadlines.

Software powers the world. Gain an edge by building a scalable, high-performance application that can reshape the business landscape. If you have a new product ready to solve a disruptive problem, or are looking to automate existing processes, high-performance software is the critical foundation. Solace brings together years of development experience combined with a passion to enable growth for our clients. Get ahead of the curve and build something exceptional with us.

Working with the latest technologies to deliver scale.




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End-to-end software development service

Web applications

Build web applications with the latest cutting-edge technologies. We have a detailed oriented approach to deliver high-end software every time. Hosted on the cloud our applications are all built to scale and work responsively across mobile, desktop and tablet. Our stack includes ReactJS on the front-end for browser-side rendering, NodeJS on the server side and MySQL as the database. Our team shares your excitement every project to bring the idea to life.

Mobile apps

Native mobile apps working across IOS and Android fluidly. We build high-end mobile experiences on React Native that are seamless and empower users across the world. The mobile market is rapidly expanding and we take a mobile-first approach to maximise user retention. Value can now be delivered rapidly through push notifications and the power of mobile devices.

SaaS platforms

The software as a service model is rapidly growing. We build applications with exponential growth potential that enable businesses to scale. Growing revenues is as simple as auto-starting new server instances. Powered by the Cloud, we use full-stack Javascript enabling us to introduce advanced functionality and build with all devices in mind.


Robust DevOps enables us to move with agility, automation and continuity. Solace integrates the best practices, including integration with cloud, continuous integration and continuous delivery. All software is delivered with excellence across the software development life cycle to enable clients to scale and build cutting-edge products .

QA and testing

Quality assurance is vital in the software development process. Users form fast judgement of an applications user experience and will either continue or uninstall. We have a dedicated QA process where the app is tested function-by-function manually by an expert. Automated tests are run throughout the development life-cycle using continuous-testing principles.

Industries which we build for

Solace has vast experience in multiple industries. We apply design thinking, strategy and tech to innovate brands.

Development process

Agile Approach

We work in a series of iterative 2 week development cycles called sprints. At the beginning of each sprint, the work and goals of the sprint are determined. Each day on the sprint, there is an internal daily check in meeting called a stand-up, ensuring that the sprint is on track. At the end of each sprint, there is a Sprint Review and Demo session including the client.

Quality from Beginning

Every part of the code will be reviewed and thoroughly tested to ensure highest level of quality.

Timeline Focused

The delivery at the end of the build period is the main focus. The work is split up and planned across the sprints.
In the unlikely event that the project is falling behind schedule, additional resources will be brought in to ensure that delivery is made by the agreed date.

Customer Success

Customer Success is our main priority. The Solace team only considers their work done when our customers are fully satisfied. To keep this front and center, we run a monthly Customer Success Meeting with the client.

Engagement models

Our goal is to present the best-in-class team engagement model that aligns with your software development requirements. We aim to bring efficiency and long-lasting value.

Dedicated development team

Get straight to the talent and deploy a team who will act as an extension of yours. We bring together front-end developers, back-end developers and product managers who will be your cheerleaders on a continual basis. You get complete control on what gets built and can respond to changing demands from users.

Fixed projects

If we’re going from 0 - 1 and know what needs building and a rough specification, then fixed projects is the way to go. We define a roadmap and sprint plan upfront, commit to delivery and then work relentlessly to get your application out to the market.

Development Case studies

FAQ for software development

Solace has experience in a wide range of industries, from financial services to public sector, consumer (B2C), and so many more.  For every new client and project, the Solace team starts with a deep dive into the industry and client position to ensure every project will help advance the client’s leadership.  We do this regardless of whether we’ve worked in that industry before.  We encourage prospective clients to review our case studies to see the wide range of industries in which we’ve already delivered breakthrough results.  

Solace partners with organizations that span pre-series A to established brands, public service organizations, and everything in between.  The stage and scale of the client is less important to Solace than their requirements.  The ideal client is looking for design, creative, application, and content help that is tied to a growth strategy rather than needing iterative work in any one of these areas.  

We think there’s an easy answer to this common question.  If your needs are no more than a cosmetic overhaul of your website or the creation of simple content that doesn’t have a big role to play, you can do this work in-house or with a less sophisticated agency.  But, if your needs are for websites, applications, experiences, and innovative content that are tied to a growth strategy, then you need the expertise that Solace uniquely provides and we are your ideal partner.  The talent of our team in areas like UI/UX is incredibly rare and you could easily spend too much time trying to find, hire, and bring that in-house rather than rapidly progressing by partnering with Solace.

Many agencies are really good at creativity and design, while others focus on performance and measurement.  Solace is unique in focusing on both.  We’re able to do this because we have world-class talent in both areas, and our process for every client and every project begins and ends with performance and metrics.  The Solace team knows that a high-performing website, application, or content artifact requires so much more than just great visuals.

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