Financial Services

Few industries are transforming more rapidly than Financial Services. Across this nearly $100T market, organizations are reimagining every workflow, how they serve customers, and the ways their companies will be valued in the long-term.

Where we add exponential value

Mobile solutions

From digital treasury to retail banking to insurance claims, financial services companies are demanding that all of their applications function effectively on mobile devices. Solace has already successfully built mobile FinTech applicaxtions that have the power and security of a desktop and we can put that expertise to work.

Digital trading

Although almost every financial institution is retooling all of their workflows with digital technology for greater efficiency, trading remains a core workflow and process. The expectation is that digitization of trading will result in greater precision, security, speed, and control. From our incumbent financial services clients, we know this well and are more than up to the challenge of building the next breakthrough trading application.

Wealth management

Wealth Management is the quiet “tiger” in financial services, with the total valuation of this market expected to double by 2030. This dramatic growth will inspire and require a wide range of new applications for all stakeholders - asset managers, advisers, clients. With a customer-facing aspect that is especially important, Solace’s expertise in UI/UX will be especially important in helping financial services companies develop new digital capabilities in this regard.

Finance education

With several “digital-first” generations becoming the new consumers of banking, wealth management, trading, insurance, and other financial services solutions, the demand for education and resources is growing too. Solace brings great expertise to address this opportunity as these consumers demand engaging content, gamification, and video-first approaches to learning - areas of deep competency for Solace.

We’ve done FinTech before, check out what we delivered

National Savings and Investments

Mobile banking app design. Future-proofed to be competitive with high-tech challenger banks such as Monzo and Starling.

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FinTech SaaS funding platform. Delivered a new brand identity and marketing website to increase conversions and scale.

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Fint is an investment portfolio app that focuses on helping today’s youth overcome financial losses and instability.

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Open banking

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