Building a finance-education and investing platform for GenZs.

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  • Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK


  • Saving and Investments

Company size

  • 10 - 50 Employees


  • Core finance planning business worth > 5m

Services we provided

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • Business model validation
  • UX research
  • Design workshops
  • User interface design
  • Design system
  • Prototype
  • React-native development
  • Back-end development
  • App hosting and deployment

Fint is an investment portfolio app that focuses on helping today’s youth overcome financial losses and instability. Users are provided with a well-structured investment portfolio in climate, crypto, and e-sports, along with guidance to make better investment decisions, ultimately leading to positive yearly returns.

The challenge

Fint approached us, looking to reshape the way that GenZ invests and consumes finance content. With an existing core services-based business, the founder had noticed key problems with the way young people invest and wanted to create a platform to solve the challenges. Being the first product-based venture that the founding team embarked on, they were looking for a partner to take ownership, incubate the idea and drive it to market. Moving the focus to a product business has exponential growth potential and a broad impact on society.

The solution

We delivered a 6-month long engagement, taking the idea from inception to product-market fit. We started with numerous strategy sessions to understand the value proposition, research the competitive landscape and piece together the customer journey. From there, we devised a leading brand strategy, produced the name Fint (finance + trust) and produced a unique identity to disrupt the investment landscape. A pre-validation and user experience process was conducted to devise features of high impact for the MVP. Development was executed with precision, working with third-party providers, using numerous APIs and creating a scalable infrastructure.

The main visual style was established to convey a bold image, using bright colours to appeal to young adults. Typography is modern, refined, readable, and attractive to the target demographic. The trust element was considered on the interface level to ensure that the app inspired confidence that Fint is a safe finance provider.

Using leading lean startup principles, we completed an end-to-end UX process, validating the riskiest assumption: “GenZs are prepared to invest in Tilt Portfolios”. Multiple UX activities were completed, including story mapping, prioritisation matrix and user journeys.

Empathising with primary user personas

Our primary and secondary personas, which outline goals, pain points, demographics, personality and investment style, were created using primary research data. This approach enabled the Solace team to empathize with user motivations and create solutions tailored to their aspirations.

Highly optimised user experience

Producing low-fidelity wireframes based on primary research data enabled us to devise solutions aligned with users. We then conducted usability testing to ensure the designs enabled fluid user journeys and encouraged investment in the respective portfolios.

Visual designs

The result

From an idea, Fint is now is now ready for the market! We de-risked the concept, validated key assumptions and created a leading product that has exponential growth potential.

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