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UI/UX Design

  • - UX discovery workshops
  • - Primary market research
  • - User interviews
  • - Users flows
  • - Wireframes & user testing
  • - SaaS platforms & apps

Software Development

  • - Mobile app development
  • - Web app development
  • - Quality assurance

Marketing Websites

  • - Marketing websites
  • - Copywriting
  • - Front-end development
  • - CMS development
  • - Web app development

Brand Identities

  • - Brand strategy workshops
  • - Identity development
  • - Art direction
  • - Brand guidelines
  • - Marketing collateral
  • - Innovative content

Use cases where we add exponential value

Scalable SaaS platforms that maximise life time value of customers.

Easily solving a customer need, in an application, isn’t always sufficient to increase brand affinity or grow consumption of new services and capabilities. The experience, branding, and messaging has to energize the customer to want to “do more.” This is where Solace’s focus on performance and design makes an enormous difference.

Mobile apps optimised for user retention and building positive habits.

At Solace we are hard core that applications intended for mobile devices must be truly designed for mobile devices, not just resized from a larger form factor tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. That is why we always start with the user persona and the context of when, where, and how they will use an application or website before doing any design work.

Marketing websites that 2x conversions and increase customer acquisitions.

We set an incredibly high bar for a great website - it must lift the brand, inspire customer engagement, and lead to purchase or other transactions. Designing for these three concurrent outcomes is a hard challenge that the Solace team eagerly embraces.

New brands that leave impact and reposition you to scale up.

We believe brands must go beyond a logo, color scheme, and strapline. In all of our brand development work, we complement those base elements with an aspirational narrative and evidence to help customers connect to the brand in an enduring way.

Solace performance process


We define a compelling strategy for the applications, websites, and experiences that will drive your company’s growth. We focus on three key areas: brand, product, and digital to deliver an end-to-end solution.

Success Metrics

  • Revenue projections
  • Investment rounds
  • Customer acquisitions
  • User adoption


We deliver breakthrough work every time, and always on-time for the agreed scope-of work. Solace works as a true partner with every client, delivering in a transparent and collaborative way.

Project Metrics

  • Delivery time
  • Stakeholder adoption
  • User feedback
  • Time-to-market


As an agency that has a relentless focus on performance, we invest almost as much time and effort in measuring and evaluating the success of the work of our clients as we do in development. We bring a deep understanding of the metrics that really matter and what the benchmarks are for great performance.

Measuring success

  • Conversion rates
  • Customer LTV
  • User retention
  • Churn rate

Bring your biggest business challenges.

Solace has experience in a wide range of industries, from financial services to public sector, consumer (B2C), and so many more.  For every new client and project, the Solace team starts with a deep dive into the industry and client position to ensure every project will help advance the client’s leadership.  We do this regardless of whether we’ve worked in that industry before.  We encourage prospective clients to review our case studies to see the wide range of industries in which we’ve already delivered breakthrough results.  

Solace partners with organizations that span pre-series A to established brands, public service organizations, and everything in between.  The stage and scale of the client is less important to Solace than their requirements.  The ideal client is looking for design, creative, application, and content help that is tied to a growth strategy rather than needing iterative work in any one of these areas.  

We think there’s an easy answer to this common question.  If your needs are no more than a cosmetic overhaul of your website or the creation of simple content that doesn’t have a big role to play, you can do this work in-house or with a less sophisticated agency.  But, if your needs are for websites, applications, experiences, and innovative content that are tied to a growth strategy, then you need the expertise that Solace uniquely provides and we are your ideal partner.  The talent of our team in areas like UI/UX is incredibly rare and you could easily spend too much time trying to find, hire, and bring that in-house rather than rapidly progressing by partnering with Solace.

Many agencies are really good at creativity and design, while others focus on performance and measurement.  Solace is unique in focusing on both.  We’re able to do this because we have world-class talent in both areas, and our process for every client and every project begins and ends with performance and metrics.  The Solace team knows that a high-performing website, application, or content artifact requires so much more than just great visuals.

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