The pace of innovation in new medical devices and software is astonishing. For Solace clients, a key consideration is regulatory requirements, which can vary greatly by country. In many cases, a software application that covers medical information or solutions will be regulated as if it’s an actual medical device. In all cases, the Solace Team takes care to ensure the development of the website, application, experience, or content artefact has a rigorous process to ensure compliance.

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Healthcare is a very immersive field and stakeholders expect to learn through in-depth, factual detail as well as rich imagery to show how a solution functions, especially in the case of medical devices. The Solace Team has the in-house and external expertise to develop imagery that is of the right standard for the healthcare industry.

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Solace has access to content development experts who understand the level of detail, writing style, and specific language that is required to write about any applications, devices, procedures, processes, and medications that have a medical purpose and are subject to regulatory oversight. The Solace content development process also aligns well to the requirements of healthcare content, with an easy way for reviews and approvals to be integrated at any point.

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Goodpath is a personalised medicine company that offers custom care plans as a health benefit for employees.

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