MedTech Goodpath

Complete, whole-person care in one place.

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  • Boston, US


  • Medical technology

Company size

  • 1 - 50 Employees


  • $12.5 million total investment
  • Trusted by Yamaha, Forma and more
  • Featured in Bloomberg

Services we provided

  • UX research
  • User interface design
  • Usability testing
  • Design system

Goodpath is a personalised medicine company that offers custom care plans as a health benefit for employees. After completing an online assessment, each user is paired with a health coach, sent a monthly box with supplements and given daily tasks – such as body exercises, stretches, or meditations; all tailored to their symptoms.

The challenge

Goodpath’s unique service starts with an online assessment to gather information necessary for creating a customised care plan for each patient. With their current design and strategy, there needed to be more understanding from patients on what their care plan is and how to get started. This resulted in almost 50% of users not converting, needing help finding information and returning to the app.

We supported Goodpath on the UX strategy of their online assessment and updated the existing mobile app with functional, user-centric screens that follow design conventions.

The solution

Over five months, we acted as an on-demand design team, working through design sprints and supporting Goodpath through various consulting, research, and designing roles. The result was a complete design system, with defined components and brand elements, redesigned mobile app, and an improved sign-up flow of their online assessment.

Our primary focus was to ensure the sign-up flow was straightforward, the mobile app architecture was functional and user-friendly, and each patient could reach their health goal at the end of their care plan.

We started the project with a detailed discovery phase, consisting of a UX audit and research of the client’s current product. We applied agile product development, which allowed us to quickly validate our designs while working on different product aspects.

Usability tests

We conducted several usability tests that focused on validating user journeys. With these insights, we could understand the next steps in the design process – workflows that need further iteration and those that are ready for development.

Enteprise-standard design system

To speed up future iterations 10x, we built an enterprise-standard design system for Goodpath, with all components and styles systemised. This was then rolled out throughout all web and mobile screens.

Visual designs

"Thank you so much Solace team for your thoughtfulness, energy, and passion put into the Goodpath product! I definitely feel like you guys are an extension of our team vs. it feeling like an agency checking the checkbox."

Shirley Leong

VP Product, Goodpath

The result

The Goodpath app is developed and ready for live user testing. With support from the Solace Team, Goodpath located several areas for refinement. This will lead to continued user research and testing as advised by Solace.

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