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Revolutionising how creators and fans interact through 1:1 paid calls.

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  • London, UK


  • Marketplace

Company size

  • 1 - 10 Employees


  • 200 user interviews completed
  • Led by serial-founder

Services we provided

  • Visual identity
  • UX research
  • User interface design
  • Design workshops
  • Design system

PayPhone is an app that allows people to request 1:1 paid calls with you. Share your link with your audience, accept call requests to answer questions, give feedback, or just chat, and get paid.

The challenge

PayPhone (formally Wisellama) approached us to rethink the user experience and visuals of their native mobile application to help with gaining initial traction and moving them forwards to their next investment round. Having worked with numerous designers previously, PayPhone still hadn’t managed to achieve the level of quality of UX and visuals to be competitive. They needed to work with a design team that could move fast, design new features quickly and set the product ahead of the curve. Being relatively new, much of the concept was loosely defined and needed solidifying, such as understanding the user and competitive landscape.

The solution

We conducted a meticulous user experience process to aid PayPhone in gaining product-market fit and creating an experience based on real-world user data. Over 6 months, we acted as an on-demand design team, taking the product through an end-to-end design cycle. From analysing the space, to rebranding and producing a 1-1 clickable prototype, we delivered a fresh experience enabling them to revolutionise how creators and fans interact through 1:1 paid calls.

A new visual language was established to be bright and empower fans to take action and speak with creators. PayPhone went through three name changes (Holler, Wisellama then PayPhone!) We rebranded to support the new commercial positioning and enable the brand to appeal to a mass-market.

As a comprehensive solution, we identified the key user personas and understood their motivations in detail to give us an accurate indication of who to design for. Solace estimated a persona match score (%) for celebrities, established creators and fans.

Concise information architecture

Prior to beginning work, we were given access to five previously designed user personas. Using these personas as our ideal customer avatars, we defined all the primary journeys in the app. This enabled us to identify users’ pain points and emotions at each step in the journey.

Enteprise-standard design system

To speed up future iterations 10x, we built an enterprise-standard design system for PayPhone, with all components and styles systemised. This was then rolled out throughout the application and a written guide was produced to instruct future designers.

Visual designs

The result

PayPhone is live on the app store and currently building traction. The end result is a user experience aligned with the market, cutting-edge visuals and a strong design to move the business forwards. They are currently fundraising, leveraging the work from the Solace team and intent to scale exponentially in the near future.

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