The online marketplaces category is valued at over $5T and growing rapidly. Establishing a successful marketplace requires more than just setting up a website with e-commerce software. The Solace team understands this and ensures every new marketplace project considers all of these factors.

Where we add exponential value

B2B digital marketplaces

Successful B2B marketplaces lead with evidence and data, which are proven to increase engagement and conversion rates. The Solace team knows this is about more than just posting numbers on the page - the content needs to be interesting, visually appealing, and well positioned in proximity to the call-to-action or “purchase” button. We work closely with clients to ensure we have the right content before ever going live with a new B2B marketplace.

B2C Marketplaces

The key to a successful B2C marketplace is creating a sense of energy that will drive customers to spend time on the site and convert. This “energy” implies that relevant peers are also spending time on the site, looking at the same products, and buying in the same way a busy restaurant is more likely to attract street traffic than an empty one. The content required to create this energy has to be far more interesting and well planned than imagery of products. The Solace team understands this well and works closely with clients to ensure the right content is curated for each new B2C marketplace project.

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AgriTech platform. Helped achieve an elevated brand image and webstie that appeals to farmers and crop advisors.

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Payphone is your public number. Get paid to talk 1:1 with your audience. Answer questions, give advice, or just chat.

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The functionality we introduce

Payment gateways

For marketplaces and websites that have a direct e-commerce component, payment gateways represent a great option for clients who don’t want to directly process payments. For a relatively small percentage of the transaction value, a payment gateway can be easily integrated into a webpage or even an online document, eliminating the need for the client organization to invest in managing its own online payment application. The Solace team can take care of integrating a payment gateway for any client website or application.

Analytics and reporting

The heart of generating value from analytics and reporting is to review and evaluate the right metrics and not get stuck in a sea of numbers. Given Solace’s emphasis on performance, we have deep expertise in this area, including how to measure various systems and processes, and which metrics are leading vs. trailing indicators.

Vendor dashboard

Increasing numbers of organizations are comprised of internal staff and external agencies who form the complete company. This can be true for all functions, ranging from operational to commercial. Establishing a vendor dashboard can become a critical component of how a company operates efficiently in regards to tracking commitments, investments, resources, and activities with outsourced functions. As an emerging orgnaization ourselves, Solace understand the value of a vendor dashboard and effective use of external resources. We proactively apply our experience and knowledge as part of our work with clients.


Security has evolved from an additional step to an integral part of every application, website, experience, and content artifact. Security technology is constantly advancing so Solace makes sure that every project takes advantage of the latest security protocols and techniques. At the start of every new project, security considerations are a major part of the planning process.

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