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The Solace Edge

We challenge assumptions

At Solace, the collective energy of our team members working together is a force multiplier. To solve any business challenge the team is the key ingredient to ensure a high-quality application is built. By bringing together the best talent in a culture where our team thrives, our clients all see the passion and impact in their digital products. From day #1 you get to work with the best in their craft, uniquely talented and committed to your project.

Our process is battle tested

After delivering numerous high-end experiences, collectively we’ve fine tuned our process over and over to ensure software is built on-time and to quality. Nothing is worse than a poor process and mediocre results. With Solace you get a framework for development set out where each stakeholder and team member plays their part in delivering outstanding software every time.

We move with speed and precision

Startups need to move fast with limited runways and investor pressures. Enterprises need to get ahead of the competition and innovate to grow market share. Using the Agile SCRUM methodology, we commit to sprints, deliver quickly and iterate fast. Moving at speed is essential when bringing new products to market and you can rely on us to meet deadlines.

Our holistic approach to creating bespoke marketing websites is all set up around performance. From analysing the impact of many successful website launches, one metric rises above the rest – conversions. We fuse together laser-focused copywriting, a well-structured UX, and leading visuals that depict your proposition.

4 Key Pillars


To communicate your solution to the market the information architecture and structure needs to be second-to-none.


We ensure all copy is communicated visually through high-end imagery, vectors, illustrations and a coherent design system.


Converting the designs into a pixel-perfect website is key. Our creative developers ensure designs are translated precisely and are well optimised.


WordPress is our CMS of choice. Powered by over 42% of the web, we ensure the site is hyper-flexible to integrate new content.

The Solace process, distilled into a sprint plan.



We look extensively at the market surroundings to identify how the website is set up to differentiate from competitors. By looking at strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, we can identify a critical path for the website.



In this phase, we come up with strategies for the website success, including laser-focused messaging and clear communication of your value proposition to customers. We define what success looks like and identify design patterns that will yield the highest conversions.



Kicking off with the information architecture, we make sure the website’s structure builds trust with the customer, showcases your differentiators and prioritizes brand messaging. Then, we sketch multiple solutions and distill the thinking into wireframes.



The visual language is established for the website that aligns with your brand guidelines and captivates the customer to engage. We add a level of finesse through visual storytelling using motion design to create an immersive digital experience.



The design is translated into pixel-perfect code that is well optimised for speed and usability. We ensure the end-build enables marketing teams to update content to introduce new campaigns as the business evolves over time.

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