Revamped website for a digital coffee shop loyalty platform.

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  • London, UK


  • SaaS, marketing, loyalty

Company size

  • 1 - 50 Employees


  • £240k + crowfunding campaign
  • 900+ locations on platform
  • 1,600,000 rewards delivered

Services we provided

  • UX research
  • User interface design
  • Design system
  • Front-end development
  • CMS development

RWRD (”Reward”) is your digital coffee shop loyalty card. They have taken the traditional coffee shop card with stamps to redeem free coffees to the 21st century. With smart-loyalty technology they help hospitality venues engage more brand loyal customers and increase footfall.

The challenge

RWRD has grown its number of locations through an outbound sales approach with a relatively high cost per acquisition. When we first spoke with the founding team, the existing website wasn’t correctly optimised for inbound traffic and scalable SaaS growth. As a comprehensive solution, RWRD needed to solidify the approach for the market to understand the true value and how a number of products work together as an ecosystem. In addition, the website’s focus needed to be shifted towards B2B to communicate to buyers why they should engage.

The solution

We took an in-depth approach to strategise how RWRD could be communicated to the market and restructured to optimise for conversions and to increase customer acquisitions. We redefined the information architecture and customer journeys with a focus on UX. Copy was then produced in collaboration with RWRD to articulate the value. As part of a high-end build, we established illustrations and visuals that matched the brand. Then, we developed the website in WordPress, putting emphasis on page load speeds and SEO to ensure RWRD was set up for success.

A new experience optimised for conversions and set up to scale inbound customer acquisitions. We fused together video content, illustrations and first-party images to convey a community feeling putting independent coffee shops on the map.

Our main focus was to reshape the B2B and B2C customer journeys to ensure there is a clear trajectory to the conversion point. Understanding the stages of onboarding, we looked at the pain points and how to alleviate them with the new approach.

Clearly defined information architecture

As one of the most essential activities in the process, we carefully analysised each section of the website, why it should be incorporated and the purpose it holds. The navigation was also established and relationships between parent and child pages. After the IA, the copy was written concisely and there was a clear structure for the wireframes.

Optimising time to value

Prior to beginning work we were given access to five previously designed user personas. Using these personas as our ideal customer avatars, we defined all the primary journeys in the app. This enabled us to identify users’ pain points and emotions at each step in the journey.

Visual designs

The result

After the process, RWRD is now positioned for scale. We are monitoring the conversions and traffic improvements to see the measurable impact of the initiative.

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