Taking user experience to the next level

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  • London, UK


  • Saving and Investments

Company size

  • 1 - 50 Employees


  • £2.5M Raised in Seed Funding
  • 4 months engagement

Services we provided

  • UX research
  • User interface design
  • Design workshops
  • Design system

Prograd helps you find the right solution to your money goal by providing ways to earn, save or sustainably borrow the money you need to build a better life.

The challenge

Getting started we aimed to solved the most important problem – a high drop-off rate on the onboarding flow, which impacted the product’s growth and led to a low retention rate as well. Some common issues included a confusing and difficult-to-use interface, a lack of clear value proposition for the user, and a lack of guidance and support.

The solution

We proceeded with a range of UX exercises to better identify the root cause of our problem and provided the new & more engaging user flow as well as updated user experience.

Our main goals were to make it easier for users to complete tasks, find information and navigate the product.

We also needed to make experience more engaging and valuable to encourage users retention.

After finalising user experience audit we created new step by step user flow. We aimed to get rid the cognitive overload by breaking the required information into small and meaningful chunks. We added the inbetween steps to reward the user and show that we are really listening.

Financial goal novigation

Prograd is not just another expenses analytics app – but an app that forms healthy money habits. To help users select the best product to earn, save or borrow money to achieve their life goals we designed the “cockpit” of the goal. Our goal was to let users keep a finger on pulse & supercharge their goals faster by applying useful suggestions on how can they do better.

Optimising the user experience

We helped users navigate through all the solutions by separating them in 4 main sections as well as making easily accessible saved, tried before and recently viewed options. To increase users retention we also updated the look and feel of the product and made it more appealing and engaging to users.

Visual designs

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