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Building candidate relationships at scale

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  • London, UK


  • Recruitment

Company size

  • 1 - 50 Employees


  • Zero to MVP in 12 weeks
  • Secured £1.25 million in seed-fund investment
  • Solce retained as long-term product delivery partner

Services we provided

  • Product strategy
  • Product management
  • User interface design
  • Design workshops

In 12 weeks, Solace enabled Popp to raise £1.25 million in investment and secure five paying clients, using high-performing UI design and product strategy.

The challenge

Solace met Popp’s founding team at a Techstars event. They had a nascent idea about how AI could improve the recruitment process but weren’t sure how to bring their vision to life.

Early research suggested recruiters were struggling to communicate with suitable candidates at scale, because fostering relationships is time-consuming and limited by the recruiter’s ability to manage multiple conversations at once.

The solution

Solace and Popp collaborated on delivering an MVP that proved AI could assist these conversations in a way that couldn’t be achieved by a recruiter working alone, by defining how recruiters could use conversational AI to:

  • screen hundreds of candidates via WhatsApp, and then converse with them during the process
  • rank candidate CVs and report on their suitability for available roles.

Our ability to bring this to life meant Popp could build a live working demo of the platform. This was a significant factor in the MVP’s success.

A number of product strategy workshops helped to define the vision and direction of the MVP, and prioritise the features we would deliver based on the impact they would have on achieving that vision.

After finalising user experience audit we created new step by step user flow. We aimed to get rid the cognitive overload by breaking the required information into small and meaningful chunks. We added the inbetween steps to reward the user and show that we are really listening.

Collaborative sketching and daily iterations of the UI, based on always-on research and synchronous technical spikes allowed us to move to a workable solution that was developed into a clickable prototype.

Visual designs

"“The results were magical.”"

Sam Dhesi

Founder, Popp AI

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