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Building a nursery operations SaaS platform

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  • London, UK


  • Nursery and School

Company size

  • 40 - 50 Employees

Services we provided

  • Competitive analysis
  • User personas
  • Information Architecture
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design system
  • User interface design

PeopleBunch is a software as a service product owned by Purple Jay nurseries, an organization that provides education to children aged 0 to 5.
People Bunch streamlines the operations of nurseries and schools, ensuring compliance with government regulations.

The problem

Nurseries and schools often use multiple subscription-based platforms for various tasks, which can be costly and inefficient. These platforms may not align with government regulations, leading to additional costs and difficulties in compliance.

The solution

A platform that streamlines the operations of nurseries and schools, ensuring compliance with government regulations and eliminating the need for multiple subscription-based platforms.

After conducting user interviews, we found that users in the sector lack confidence and often have a negative experience when interacting with software. Therefore, it was important for us to design the software to be as simple and easy to use as possible, with a minimum number of clicks required to complete any task.

Based on our user research, we identified four main user groups for our product: Operations Managers, Nursery Managers, HR professionals, and Practitioners. Each of these user groups has different pain points and goals, which we captured in personas.

By creating these personas, we were able to better understand the needs of each user group and design our product in a way that meets their specific requirements. This helped us create a more tailored and effective user experience for each group.

Information architecture with increased efficiency

By creating an effective UX information architecture for the dashboard, we were able to understand the functionality of each feature and the timeline for implementing them. This helped us design a dashboard that includes a clear hierarchy of information and all the necessary features and functionalities.

Custom design of features

It was a challenge to deliver features that were specific to the industry and had to comply with government regulations. However, we were able to overcome this challenge by carefully understanding the specific needs for each feature.

By taking the time to understand the unique requirements and challenges of the industry, we were able to successfully deliver high-quality features that met the needs of our users.

Visual designs

"They take the pain and agony out of making the product. The whole design and UX process has been seamless."


COO, People Bunch

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