LegalTech SaaS Legitify

Modernising traditional notarisation services

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  • Stockholm


  • Legal Tech

Company size

  • 2-10 employees


  • $870k total amount raised
  • Backed by Antler & Alchemist Accelerator
  • Partnered with Revolut Business

Services we provided

  • UX research
  • User interface design
  • UI Kit

Legitify allows you to notarize documents online making the notarization process simple, efficient and effortless!

The challenge

The primary objective was to boost the platform’s conversion and retention rates. Many individuals were interested in the service, but the founders discovered that it was unclear how to actually arrange an appointment.

The solution

We moved forward with a variety of UX exercises to better pinpoint the source of our issue and to present a fresh, engaging user flow and updated user experience.

UX Audit was the first step in our procedure. By closely examining the current platform, we were able to pinpoint the key issues and potential fixes.

We talked to a variety of users and legal experts during our research, which helped us better grasp their problems and demands.

We created the user flow, went through a few client iterations to get it just right, and then we started putting it into practice.

Our key objectives were to simplify the scheduling of appointments and the management of many notary sessions for users.

To promote user retention, we also needed to make the experience more valuable and interesting.

Dashboard for Notary and Admins

For the purpose of managing appointments and all notarization sessions, we created a dashboard for notaries. For company administrators, we also unveiled a brand-new function that makes it easier to manage employee schedules.

The result

We successfully finished the UX research and user interface design development for a notary platform, to sum up. Our design strategy prioritized clarity, usability, and consistency, creating a platform that made it easy for users to book online notarization appointments.

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