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  • Florida, US


  • Support & Well-being

Company size

  • 1 - 50 Employees


  • 74% of people report mental mental health in the workplace
  • Launched app and website in 3 months

Services we provided

  • UX research
  • User interface design
  • Design workshops
  • Design system

Kindly Human delivers highly personalised support and navigation for employees, affiliation members and individuals facing everyday challenges.

The challenge

Kindly Human faced issues in user onboarding and account setup, as well as call scheduling with Peer Listeners, impacting access to mental health support.

The solution

Our solutions were focused on streamlined onboarding, enhanced filtering of Peer Listeners, and facilitated call scheduling.

Our primary objectives involved optimising onboarding processes for different access levels and simplifying user navigation for call scheduling on mobile screens.

More broadly, we aimed to enhance the overall user experience to boost users engagement rates.

After finalising user experience audit we created new step by step user flow. We aimed to get rid the cognitive overload by breaking the required information into small and meaningful chunks. We added the in between steps to reward the user and show that we are really listening.

Streamline onboarding

We streamlined the onboarding process by breaking it into smaller, manageable steps. Provided clear instructions and progress indicators to guide users through each stage.

Intuitive exploration

We helped users to explore peers and supportive content more intuitively, dividing the page by sections and providing a set of filters.

Individuals can connect with peers by listening to experiences shared in audio stories or through private, one-on-one phone conversations. We designed the “Schedule a call” feature to make it easy for users to call an available peer. Kindly Human set up the call anonymously.

Membership menegement

Whether or not users Kindly Human plan is supported by your company, users can select the amount of time they need per month and easily manage their payment details.

The result

Our user-centric approach has streamlined the onboarding and account setup processes, making it smoother and more accessible for members. Additionally, we’ve enhanced the call scheduling system with Peer Listeners, reducing friction and improving the overall experience for those seeking mental health support. These improvements have not only boosted user engagement but have also led to a higher satisfaction rate among our members, ultimately helping us better serve our community’s mental health needs.

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