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In-depth statistics and performance tracking to help elite golfers reach new heights.

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  • London, UK


  • Sport & SaaS

Company size

  • 1 - 10 Employees

Services we provided

  • UX research
  • User interface design
  • Development

Golfgeek is a platform that provides elite golfers with in-depth statistics to improve their game and track their performance using shot data.

The challenge

Golf is a true game of inches, and for elite level golfers data is at the core of this.

With the emergence of the strokes gained statistic, golfers now have a tangible way to track their performance and improve their game. Although other performance tracking platforms exist in the market, many of them feature outdated user interface design and lackluster user experience.

The solution

We designed a comprehensive dashboard featuring the core value propositions of Golfgeek, providing golfers with a tailored experience that allows them to accurately and easily enter their shot data to track their performance.

Our main goals were to make it easier for users to accurately enter their shot data tasks, track performance and navigate the product.

We also needed to make experience more engaging and different from other products on the market.

Using the Golfgeek brand guidelines we crafted a unique visual identity for the product that helps to cement Golfgeek as a top entry in the space.

Golfgeek aims to provide elite golfers with an essential tool to help them reach new heights with their game.

Using the power of data, the analytics platform helps to provide golfers with the “why” behind what they should work on to improve their performance.


We designed a dashboard that allowed the user to switch between the main shot categories and track all their performance data at a high-level. Using the green brand colour we crafted some eye catching cards to display core metrics related to the users current performance.

Strokes gained

One of the core features of Golfgeek was the strokes gained predictor model, allowing golfers to see how improvements in certain areas will affect their future performance.

We designed a component that enabled the users to adjust their stats using sliders to see how it will affect their scores.

Add round

To be able to analyse their data, we created a comprehensive flow that enabled users to input all the data from their rounds of golf.

One of the key screens was the shot data screen, which features three main components, shot entry, scorecard and the hole table. We designed this screen to put focus on the scorecard, allowing users to visualise the data they are entering in real-time.

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