Leo Rogers

Founder & CEO

Leo is a third-time founder. In the last 4 years, he has built Solace from the ground up, delivering over £500,000 in combined project value.

He has grown a remote design/development team from 1 -10 in 12 months and delivered over 20 digital products for high-growth startups, SMEs and government organisations. Startups have gone on to raise £1m+ at subsequent rounds. He specialises in bringing new products to market that solve real-world problems and improve the lives of many.

Leo has been heavily involved in multiple business functions. Scaled agile design and development operations, built a robust customer acquisitions funnel (generated over 300 opportunities), built an enterprise sales process, scaled out to SDRs and recruited the top 1% of global design and development talent.

We, at Tapline, recently had our corporate identity and website redesigned by Solace. I was impressed with how quickly the team understood our requirements, industry, and intended positioning. Leo took me through the process stage by stage, he was open to constructive feedback and the project was completed within the requested period. Overall, the engagement was a success, and I would highly recommend the team at Solace for your corporate identity and website needs.

Dean Hastie

Co-founder & CEO at Tapline