Founders story

Traceloop is solving for large language model Hallucination


The founders

Nir Gazit

Chief Executive Officer

Gal Kleinman

Chief Technical Officer

Cracking the code on large language model (LLM) hallucinations

Traceloop Founders Nir and Gal are highly technical engineers who pioneered solutions for LLM Hallucinations that can occur with the regular use of GPT AI prompts. They found that the fix for these hallucinations often broke other parts of the solution, leading to their eventual fix that was so successful they felt it deserved to become a standalone application that would be successful in the marketplace. Thus, Traceloop was born.


A solution to GPT Hallucinations that Doesn’t Break What’s Working Well

About the company

The Tracelook founders turned to the Y Combinator Accelerator to get their solution off the ground, receiving funding, coaching, expertise, and other resources.

Initially, they were paired with an agency to work on product design, which was a failed first attempt. So while the core parts of the application advanced, the overall design kept Traceloop from being able to launch.


Solace @ Work

Traceloop founders heard about Solace from other Y Combinator alumni companies YHangry and AerCompliance, who both had very strong partnerships with Solace after exiting the accelerator program. The Solace Team immediately went to work on product design and go-to-market strategy, filling in for the commercial expertise the highly technical founders didn’t have themselves.

Given the enormous momentum behind GPT technology, Traceloop is anxious to accelerate product design work and get into the market faster so the rapid prototyping approach of Solace has been a great fit, part of the Solace Design as a Service offering.

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