Founders story

Tapline founders bet on Solace to refine their Value Proposition


The founders

Dean Hastie

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Grouev

Chief Investment Officer

Dmitrij Miller

Chief Technical Officer

Reimagining FinTech SaaS funding

Dean, Peter, and Dmitrij were convinced they had great ideas to improve the funding process for FinTech SaaS companies. Specifically, Tapline would help FinTechs earn funding in advance, backed by the long-term valuation of their ARR.

Immediate Impact of Solace Product Design Work

Solace’s work helped Tapline increase deal flow

by 500%

Tapline raised in equity and debt financing



Fueling the FinTech Revolution by helping startups win short-term investment based on long-term ARR value

About the company

The founders secured a spot in the Antler Accelerator program, which helps founders advance their startup faster through coaching, funding, and resources.

Upon exit, the Tapline Team felt they were close but still needed more work on their brand. While they knew their approach was novel, they saw a challenge in articulating how their solution was differentiated in an increasingly crowded debt financing market.


Solace @ Work

Tapline founders turned to Solace to crystalize the value proposition of their solution. The Solace Team helped on go-to-market strategy, product strategy, branding, and their marketing website. The results speak for themselves:

Given the impressive results and highly effective collaboration, Tapline has since returned to Solace for a second project and further iteration of the marketing website.

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