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Website Design & Development

Marketing websites to increase conversions and encourage action.

  • Guaranteed results in 8 - 16 weeks
  • 2 week work sprints
  • Deliverables: Brainstorming, Moodboard, Competitors, Information Architecture, Wireframes, Visual Design, Design System, Motion Design, WordPress CMS Build.

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Quantum Product Design Process

From analysing the impact of many successful website launches, one metric rises above the rest. That metric is conversions. We use fuse together lazer-focused copywriting, a well-structured UX and leading visuals that depict your proposition.

  • Increase your conversion rate from 5 – 20%
  • Gain 100%+ increase in monthly recurring revenue
  • Elevate the perception of your brand and compete on the global stage
  • Differentiate from competitors with a website a cut above the rest

Leveraging powerful positioning and a clear value proposition, we can convert more visitors, thus lowering your cost per acquisition and increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

Sprint Plan

  • Analyse

We look extensively at the market surroundings to identify how the website is set up to differentiate from competitors. By looking at strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, we can identify a critical path for the website.

  • Strategise

In this phase, we come up with strategies for the website success, including laser-focused messaging and clear communication of your value proposition to customers. We define what success looks like and identify design patterns that will yield the highest conversions.

  • Define

Kicking off with the information architecture, we make sure the website’s structure builds trust with the customer, showcases your differentiators and priorities brand messaging. Then, we sketch multiple solutions and distil the thinking into wireframes.

  • Polish

The visual language is established for the website that aligns with your brand guidelines and captivates the customer to engage. We add a level of finesse through visual storytelling using motion design to create an immersive digital experience.

  • Develop

The design is translated into pixel-perfect code that is well optimised for speed and usability. We ensure the end-build enables marketing teams to update content to introduce new campaigns as the business evolves over time.

  • Who you get to work with
  • Product Manager
  • UX Design Lead
  • UI Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Full-stack Developer

Working with startups at launch, product-market fit and scale up stages.

Solace works primarily with early stage startups to help bring their idea to life and launch their MVP. We get the upmost satisfaction helping founders bring their ideas to life and leave a positive impact. Our process also directly facilitiates startups who have validated their product and are looking to scale up with a world-class product design. The fast-paced nature of startups ties in with our operations enabling us to act as an extension of your team.

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Our competitive advantage

We consult and challenge assumptions

First things first, we are not just a service provider. We consult, we advise, we ask questions and challenge assumptions. When taking on a project, you work with a product manager who’s goal is to be fully integrated with your business. The product manager plays a pivitol role in undertanding your vision, strategy and instilling your thinking into the product. They are your number #1 cheerleader and constanly consult with the design team to make sure the product is totally aligned with business goals.

Our process is battle tested

To yeild top-notch results, we have created a process that is highly systemised. Projects are not done on an ad-hok basis. Everything is planned down to a tee, then executed with absolutle precision. You may be asking… well, how does that help? From experience, timelines are accurate, quality is retained and you get a product that is a cut above the rest.

Design first brings ROI

Many studios start as a dev shop, then add on a design department. Our processes, culture and thinking behind the studio is all based around design. We believe before building anything, you must set solid foundations and hone in on breathtaking design. Yes, the power of design is real! Wait until you see the return on investment.

We design habit-forming products

Habits are behaviours done with little or no conscious thoughts. Our products are designed to help users formulate positive habits integrated with their daily lives. We understand the emotional psychology behind what drives users to engage with a product and develop a strategy to maximise user retention. For example, we use a variable reward system to keep users hooked on the product with constant anticipation, all driven by triggers such as push notifications.

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